2013 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration #DisneySMMoms

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting and more waiting. Disney Social what? That is what I said the first year(2010) after the Disney social Media Moms Conference had already past. I'm a bit slow to things. I think it must be my laid back nature, what will come will come and what will happen will happen.

When the announcement came out the 2011 Disney Social Media Moms Conference would be a sign up. I was so elated to have the opportunity to place my name in the basket. I was even more overjoyed to have been selected to attend this conference in 2011. I met new and old friends. I was able to meet bloggers that I had adored from afar for many ears.

But, the most important aspect of the conference was the content. I actually walked away with valuable content that guided me during the next year of blogging. I still refer back to some of my notes from that conference. I have attended many conference and this was by far the most valuable and enjoyable for me.

I was able to bring my family with me and have a vacation as well. My husband was very pleased that we also were able to attend the conference for my blogging experiences to be enhanced AND have the opportunity to visit the happiest place on earth!

I was not selected in 2012 and, naturally, was a bit sad, but so happy for all the new bloggers that were selected. I knew that all the new bloggers would have the best experience that I had in 2011. I followed along closely and read many, many posts on the 2012 conference because I knew I would be able to take away some more valuable information through the bloggers who had attended the conference.

I would love to be selected for the 2013 Disney Social Media Moms Conference. I will sit and patiently wait and hope and dream for the invitation to magically arrive in my mailbox. I think I may flit though the air if I am selected again. It would be a great joy to visit Disney in Florida in May and have the memories of Disney in Paris in our dreams. (we are visiting Disney in Paris in March).

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