Me! This year I decided to home school my daughter after a couple of years of being completely dissatisfied with the school districts in our area. We had her in a private Christian school and she was still just barely surviving. Against my husband's interests and practically everyone I knew, I pulled her from the school and brought her home with me. I listened to myself, my momma instincts and I did what I knew was best for my little girl. Guess who's shining bright again?

I Love You Oh how different my life would be without these three little poppets! I was on a mission about a decade ago, no children was my motto. I was going to blaze a career path through the halls of the financial world. I worked until the day I delivered my son. Quite literally, I turned into a different person in a matter of hours after his birth. I fell in love with this little baby boy and decided I needed to keep having babies (if only my body would agree for a few more).

Still Laughing... hilarious cowboy with a boa, what could be funnier!

Winter Wonderland The tiny bit of snow we had this year . . . nothing much and it was melted pretty much as soon as it snowed . . . JOY! {I'm not a fan of snow}

Birthday My daughter's birthday, so very close to my own (just a few days apart). The birthday I completely forgot and had to call my husband to stop and purchase gifts on the way home from work (BIG FAIL).

Friends I never take photos with my friends anymore, I'm not sure why. I think this is something that should change in 2012. This is my son, and our 'old' dog. We visit her once in awhile and this was one day a couple of months ago that we did. My son misses her so much, it's getting easier, but it's still hard on him.

I Was Inspired... this old bridge, that is still standing, is over 100 years old, all wood. I love this bridge.

Spring Fever When I think  of spring, I always think of a vacation. This past year we went to Disney! SO MUCH FUN!

Travel or Vacation Really, nothing is better than Mickey Mouse! Summer Days The pool, where we spent many days this past summer. My nemesis I might add. The pool never used to bother me, I mean, I was on a swim team for over a decade as a child. I lived in the water for years. These days however, I'm not much into water. I don't like to get my hair wet (it takes so long to get it straightened each day) and I've gained so much weight over the past two years, I hate to be in a swimming suit {it's horrifying to me, along with my white skin}.

A Day In My Life  following these little poppets around . . . my life is full!

All Smiles  My daughter, the cheerleader, the one who has more zest for life than anyone I know. Always with a ready smile.

Autumn Harvest Taking my camera out and attempting to get 'better' at looking for great shots and it actually happening!

Family or Home My family reflection taken in 'the bean' in the city. I forced my family members to stand there to take this photo. I was 'trying' to snap off the best photo. Naturally, no one was going to let that happen for me. If you look at the 25 photos that I took, it is hilarious to line them up, gazing upon the boredom in my husband's face to the utter disdain on my son's face! Celebrate! We hosted a Carnival birthday party for my little one this year. It was the first friend party we held for her because she is so very shy. She was not having any part of the plans and setting up on party day, so my husband was trying to get her in the mood. (it didn't work)

Let's Do It Again...  in November I went on a photo walk with a fellow blogger . . . I'm looking forward to more of these in 2012.

I Miss You My uncle passed away this past summer. He was a pretty awesome dude!Beautiful This photo was taken over the summer by my grandmother's farm. We had to climb down a steep ravine to tromp around by the bridge. My aunt used to walk over this bridge everyday as a young child to go to country school (she is now 80). I love hearing stories about this old house and area. I was so happy snapping off photos of this bridge. I was even happier when I downloaded and saw this photo.

Dress Up I'm not able to get may photos of my son. He's not too keen on letting me snap his face these days. This was a sneak photo - as you can see, he was not too happy. The other day he asked me why I only edit photos of his sisters and I explained that if I don't have photos of him, I can't edit them. Hopefully, this will change.

Macro  I finally figured out how to use my macro lens! I don't use it that much, but I will once I have more time.Holidays Look at her face! She had the most expressions this year. I loved watching her open all her gifts. She was equally happy with every single one!My Favorite  I love this photo, I can't believe I captured it perfectly! Hopefully that means I am getting better with my Canon!

Don't Ever Change I love that my children don't see in grey {yet} . . . I wish I had as much courage as they do in living their lives.

Just Because...So There!  My city, my love. I can't imagine living somewhere else, well, maybe someplace warmer.

Hopes and Dreams This year I want to expand my camera skills. I want to step out of my protective little box that I am constantly inside of and explore life more.