What's Cute Around Me?

This week has been an odd week for me. Odd meaning . . . the weather is wacky {73 on Tuesday and 43 on Wednesday?? welcome to the Midwest} . . . my husband is out of town {again and nothing unusual about this really except that I get really good sleep when he is away and I do not even know how with all three of my children in bed with me} . . . the children have a full week in their schedules with homeschool co-ops and homeschool regular homework {nothing different from the past 12 weeks}.

My schedule is the same as usual except, with my husband away, our home seems to be a bit more relaxed. My daily schedule is all about being a teacher (we homeschool) and being a mom (and all that entails). Since my husband works incredibly long hours away and at home, pretty much all of the workload of our household and children are my responsibility, so this week is really no different than any other . . . just a bit easier because my role of wife has disappeared this week.

I don't know our house is more relaxed when hubbie is away . . . perhaps it is "me" that is more relaxed. I don't have to rush the children to finish school work so I can rush to the kitchen and begin dinner. I don't have to rush about getting this and that done before hubbie comes home from work. I think I induce self-stress to make sure everything little task and issue is taken care of prior to my husband coming home from work each day.

This is what I mean by an odd week . . . I'm a bit off . . . but off in a good way. I need to learn to relax more on a daily basis so I can enjoy all the cuteness that surrounds me.

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