10 Best Children's Books of all Time | Books on our Shelves

 A couple of weeks ago I was looking through out books shelves as I had run out of room . . . yet again . . . to add new books. I have had to move books around from room to room in our house to make room for newer books as my kids grow. As my children grow, their tastes in books evolve and I need to freshen up the books shelves.

My youngest daughter needed to make room in her bedroom for some new books that she is reading. She is reading long chapter books now and asked me if I could move all the "baby" books out of her bedroom. (secretly, I almost cried at this, I was so sad)

I lovingly went through all her shelves and removed all the books that I had read to her, to her older sister and even to her older bother. . . for some many nights, for so many years. I can not part with these books and have moved them to the basement in a box, safely stored away for another time they will be shared. Because believe me, I will be reading these very same books to my grandbabies some day.

Here are some of my favorite books that I am saving for later. I would suggest investing in the hardback versions of these, because you’ll read them again and again. . . and again. Obviously this is a biased list and I really could go on and on because I had a huge box to pack up. But here are some of our favorite favorites.

10 Best Children's Books of all Time
Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown: When my son was born, this is one of the books I received from a dear friend who told me her son loved it when he was small. It quickly because a favorite and stayed that way for at least a decade in my home. It was so well loved, that I actually had to purchase another books to save the first one from disappearing completely. I now have both stored away. Goodnight Moon is one of the most beloved bedtime stories of all time. This classic bedtime story walks your child through a young child’s bedtime ritual, as he says good night to everything around. I had this book memorized and I actually could probably still recite it if pressed. Best if read in a hushed voice! This is one story that will soon become a family favorite.
Guess How Much I Love You : This book was likely my favorite to read to my kids. I bought it and I adored reading it to my babies. They loved hearing it and still to this day will ask me how much I love them. Little Nutbrown Hare wants his daddy, Big Nutbrown Hare, to know just how much he really loves him. So he keeps coming up with more and more reasons to love his father and they try to outdo each other. It is a fun read and something that will always bring smiles straight to your hearts.
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom : This charming and delightful book is still a favorite and I moved it from my youngest daughter's room o my oldest daughter's room, by request to not store it away. An alphabet story that is funny and with a bit of a twist that will keep you all giggling. It is so great, we are still reading it, 12 years later.
We're Going on a Bear Hunt (Classic Board Books) Written by Michael and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury: A father and his four children set out on a fine day to go on a bear hunt through the grass, through a stream, and into the wild. As they reach the end of the hunt, they come upon a bear who chases them all the way home. Was the bear real or did they pretend it into existence? This story is always super fun to read and your kids will ask you to read it again as soon as you turn the last page. Mine always did.
The Napping House By Audrey Wood and Don Wood : Everyone in the house is napping. Everyone, that is, except one little flea who decides to cause all sorts of chaos. Fun and silly, there is no way this won't become a family favorite to share over and over.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle This whimsical story with Carle’s iconic collage illustrations of the hungry caterpillar and the beautiful butterfly is all about teaching the days of the week and counting. The book unfolds the life of a caterpillar from the moment it is in an egg to the transformation it makes into a beautiful butterfly.
The Giving Treeby Shel Silverstein: A touching story of a young boy and his favorite tree. Over the years, the tree gives the boy what he wants–and as the boy gets older, he wants more and more from the tree, until the tree has nothing left to give. Well, almost nothing. This book is all about love, real love.
Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak: In this classic story, Max dons his wolf suit to make mischief–and ends up being sent to bed without supper. While stuck in his room, he sets out on an imaginative journey to the land of the Wild Things, where they make him King. He rules over the Wild Rumpus, but then returns home to his very own room, where his dinner is waiting for him–and it’s still warm. This was a favorite of my son.
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Judy and Ron Barrett: Here is another favorite of my son. My girls didn't enjoy it as much until a movie was made based on this book. Hilarity rules, as this mighty storm with orange juice rain, hamburger hail and mashed potato snow makes life messy. Just watch out for the giant falling pancakes.
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! Mo Willems: This book is hilarious! It must e read really loud and with great character! When the bus driver has to leave the bus for a few minutes, he cautions those who are left behind not to let the pigeon drive the bus. The Pigeon will stop at nothing to get his chance to drive the bus. Great lesson here!
BONUS Blueberries for Sal Robert McCloskey: A highlight of any summer in the midwest is picking blueberries. When little Sal and her mother go out to pick blueberries to can for winter, they run into a little problem. Sal loves picking the berries, but she loves eating them even more. Sal gets a bit lost and follows the wrong momma. It is always fun to find out what happens to Sal.