8th Grade Home School Curriculum

Here are my TOP 8th Grade Home School Curriculum picks. Homeschooling 8th grade students and preparing your home schooled child for high school whilst developing the skills needed as well as getting a head start on high school credits.

Home School Curriculum Grade 8

Here we are ending the month of August already. This summer was a bit of a dude for us weather-wise. The summer began with the sun shining brightly and then just sort of fizzled out! We had a super wet and rainy summer, which really puts a damper on pool days. We ended the summer in Florida with amazing sunny weather for two solid weeks!

We are home now and ready to begin our school year. Big changes in lace this year for us. My son is still in public high school attending a Science, Math & Engineering Academy within his school - a school within a school. He has a great schedule this year and is actually liking all his classes - except gym.

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My youngest daughter no longer wanted to home school, so she will be attending private Christian school that begins after labor Day. We are all super excited for her at she begins 6th grade in a couple of weeks. 

Every August I write a post about our plans for the coming school year here at home. I plan out what curriculum we will use for the coming school year. This year I am all on my own as my oldest daughter no longer wanted to attend her private homeschool academy. Which is totally fine as we were so ready for a change in curriculum. We still love the consortium community, but the curriculum was no longer working for us.

Here are my Here is my 2014-2015 home school curriculum,  2013-2014 home school curriculum,  2012-2013 school curriculum and 2011-2012 school curriculum posts.  I can't believe it! WOW! I can't believe I am heading into my 8th year of FORMAL home educating! 

2017-2018 Home School Curriculum

MATH : Grade 8: Saxon Algebra 1/2  and Harold Jacobs Elementary Algebra
Does it work? we will see
Will I continue to use? possibly

So we will be finishing up the last few chapters of Saxon Algebra 1/2  because we didn’t complete the book in Grade 7. Then we are moving over to and Harold Jacobs Elementary Algebra. I thought we might try Saxon Algebra becuase my daughter does really well with Saxon Math, but I also used Harold Jacobs Elementary Algebra with my son and he liked it well enough. I also purchased the Solutions Manual and the Teachers Guide as well as the Elementary Algebra Workbook.

Saxon Math is like a long lost friend at this point we have been using it for so long. We will finish up the Saxon ½ Algebras we didn't complete the entire book last school year and head into Algebra I. I have not selected the Algebra I yet and I may want to repeat Saxon ½ Algebra.

Grammar: Grade 8: Growing with Grammar
Does it work? we will see
Will I continue to use? possibly

We are switching it up this year as I am so sick of Shurley English. My kids and I are just so over Shurley Grammar. I used Growing With Grammar before we attended consortium and now I am back to it this year. We shall see if my daughter hates it or not!

Spelling: Grade 8: Soaring with Spelling
Does it work? we will see
Will I continue to use it?  possibly

I have actually let Spelling go for the past few years as it just doesn't work for us. I will try Soaring with Spelling  out and if it causes too much stress, it will go on the shelf of unused books! ☺

Handwriting: Grade 8: Winning with Writing
Does it work? we will see
Will I continue to use it?  possibly

This will be the first time trying this curriculum, but I am excited as we always enjoyed Growing with Grammar ad this is from the same publisher. We are no longer going to use the following curriculum as I really feel they are just outdated and not pertinent today: Classical Composition: Narrative Stage, Classical Composition: Narrative, Classical Composition III: Chreia/Maxim, Classical Composition IV: Refutation/Confirmation . My daughter hated them last year and she did not learn one single thing from this curriculum writing. It just confused her to no end. We may reuse Grammar of Poetry and Elegant Essay Writing , but probably not. I will stick with Winning with Writing  for the first semester.

2017-2018 Home School Curriculum

English/Vocabulary/Language/Spelling/Literature/Composition: Literature 130 Student Guide 2016 version; I have selected books recommend by the Sonlight 8th Grade All-Subjects Package for Literature.
Does it work? we will see
Will I continue to use it?  possibly

I went through the list of books that Sonlight will use for the 8th Grade All-Subjects Package and selected what I thought my daughter would like to read. I did not select all the books inn the student guide and we will follow this schedule -- roughly -- as my daughter is a very slow reader. I will also not assign all of the questions in the student guide as a lot of this seems busy work. We will do a bit verbally and then I will select what I think she needs to know. I will assign papers ad book summaries she will write based on the reading.

READ ALOUD: Out Of The Dust by Karen Hesse, A Long Way From Chicago  by Richard Peck, Rules of the Road by Bauer, Joan, Peace Child by Don Richardson, Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison by Lois Lenski, Bud, Not Buddy , by Christopher Paul Curtis, Elijah of Buxton, by Christopher Paul Curtis, Children of the Longhouse,  by Joseph Bruchac, They Loved to Laugh by Kathryn Worth, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle, BOUND FOR OREGON  , (this will be a reread as she read this in Grammar 2) by Jean Van Leeuwen , Bonanza Girl by Patricia Beatty, The Call of the Wild (this will be a reread as well as this is one of our favorite books to read on our own!!) by Jack London, Stink Alley by Jamie Gilson and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Omnibus/History:  Mystery of History: Volume 4: Wars of Independence to Modern Times (affliate link)
Does it work? YES
Will I continue to use it?  Yes

I was actually so sick of Mystery of History last year I was ready to throw the book in the trash bin! But, after taking a summer break, I realized I didn't hate the MOH curriculum, but I despised the busy work the consortium assigned with the book. My kids love Mystery of History. My daughter actually requested MOH this year as there is a NEW book--Mystery of History Vol 4 Wars of Independence to Modern Times. Last year my daughter took Omnibus II and it was brutal! So we are back to MOH and I will not be creating busy worksheets, but instead will have her create a work folder - which she loves.

Science: Grade 8: Apologia Physical Science and the notebook journal
Does it work? yes
Will I continue to use it?  Yes, we love Apologia!

I will be following the schedule put out by Exploring Creation with Physical Science  for this subject. My daughter actually requested different curriculum as last years, Apologia General Science ,  was so boring. But, I think she will be fine this year. I bought all the curriculum , so she will simply pop in the DVDs and be taught the lesson and labs and complete the journal and reading assignments on her own. We are a Science family!

Biblical Studies/Religion/Memory: BJU Bible Truths: The Story of the Old Testament Student Text Level B, Grade 8
Does It Work? possibly
Will I continue to use?  maybe

This will be our first year trying this curriculum, Bible Truths Level B Student Worktext Grade 8 4th Edition . I wanted something interesting for my daughter and not too juvenile. Hopefully this will work for us. Last year, her consortium assigned the books and they selected college level books. It was simply too hard and too advanced for her. I had to read the chapters each week and reword everything ito age appropriate language. I wanted a curriculum that would be age level apprpriate, no-frustrating to her and something she would not dread doing each week, but rather, love -- I want her to love her time with the Bible. Selecting too advanced curriculum does not teach our children to love the Lord!

Foreign Language: Visual Latin 2
Does It Work? Yes
Will I continue to use?  YES!

I do not like or enjoy Latin. Therefore, my daughters do not like or enjoy Latin. I struggle greatly with this language! I try really hard, but language is just NOT my thing. Latin is always a struggle and I know we will have many hours of studying this year! But, we shall persevere! This will be our second year with Visual Latin  and it actually really works. The DVDs are awesome and everything is very well laid out. This curriculum comes with the worksheets, quizzes and tests. Simply make an account on Quizlet and you will access to their flashcards and onlines tests as well.

Art & Music:  Violin, Private Lessons, Chamber Orchestra and Youth Orchestra for my 8th grader
Does it work? Yes
Will I continue to use? Yes

Field Trips/Extra Activities:

We have many field trips since we live in a great city with numerous museums that we are members. Field Trip day will always and forever be a favorite. Field trips will be easier this year as I do not have to pick up my son from school everyday.

Here’s a post on our workboxes and how we use them in our homeschool classroom! I also have some printable workbox tags.

I really hope this helps in planning your homeschool curriculum for 8th grade homeschooled students! Make sure to check out my other homeschool grade curriculum picks.