Edible Cells ~ A Science Project

We’ve finally started on our Science Experiments  for the year and the kids are loving the experiments.

Last year we left off at Kit 13 from the Young Scientist Kits and the kiddos are ready to get going on our packets for this year. I did not order the Young Scientist Kits again this year because we really didn't have great luck with the experiments last year. I loved the pre-packaged complete kits and how they were layed out and how well they explained everything. What I didn't like was that I think the actual products were very old and they rarely worked {unless I would use new materials from our home}.

Because of this, I ordered our science experiment kits from Apologia this year. We are using the Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology text this year and the Apologia Anatomy and Physiology Lab Kit will work great for us.

This kit has everything pre-packaged and is well laid out as well. The kit is to be used with the book where the hands-on experiments actually are located. The kit includes all the supplies needed for the experiments in labeled bags for each lesson.

I only ordered one science kit box and I have three children so I know I will be doing some seaching this year to make sure that each child  will have an opportunity to conduct their own science. We will have to share on some experiments, but I think this kit will work out well.

I will likely order a couple of the Young Scientist Kits to use with the Apologia Anatomy lab, but I will only order the kits that are anatomy related.

This past week we created an Edible Cell as we were covering why we need cells in our bodies. The kiddos were able to create an “edible cell” using jello and a variety of candies.


We mixed our jello with extra gelatin(all supplied), and poured it into bowls to set. Each child had their own bowl and had to wait for the jello to set. My little one didn't want to wait and placed all her candy in right away. The candy did bleed a bit in the unset jello, but it was fine. After the Cytoplasm{aka: jello} set, we made slits in it to add the cell parts.  Which were:

A gumball / Chocolate Truffle = the Nucleus

Jelly Beans = a Mitochondrion

Several Skittles & M&Ms = the Lysosomes

Several  Smarties = the Golgi body

A Fruit Roll up (cut into slices) = the Endoplasmic Reticulum {ER}

Nerds = the Ribosomes

  Licorice = the Centrioles


None of the kiddos liked the edible cell. My kiddos don't like jello to eat on a normal day and I thought they would eat their edible cell filled with candy. But it was a no go. BUT, making the edible cell was fun and it helps to memorize the names of the parts of the cell.