Family Friendly German DVDs to Add to Your Homeschool Curriculum

I know how difficult it can be to locate the best family friendly movies and DVDs for our children and families. I also know how important it is to select the best home educating curriculum for my children. I love when I can get family friendly movies that I can also use as supplement to our home educating curriculum.

This is not about plopping a DVD in and setting my kids in front of the television and hope they learn, this is about a learning experience whilst viewing an international movie. A powerful movie can inspire a new interest or help your child develop a solid understanding of a complicated area of learning.

Teaching homeschool subjects using DVDs is an added bonus for my kids. It adds a new dimension to my kid's daily studies and they don't have to hear my voice all day long. DVD curricula and supplements are becoming more popular these days for home educating families. Sometimes a new voice or perspective will help my girls when I just can't seem to break through on a new topic. 

Family Friendly German DVDs to Add to Your Homeschool Curriculum

DVD Omnibus (History) Lessons

Teaching Omnibus (History) doesn't have to be boring. In fact, I despised History class when I was younger; but now, I adore teaching Omnibus. Omnibus is one on my kid's favorite subjects. Supplementing a subject with a DVD lesson is a great way to engage students and a plus for those students who are super eager to learn more about the history of the world.

Additionally, if you happen to have a child who is completely bored by a subject, adding a DVD is a great way to get said child interested in the subject. It is all about making the connections between the subjects. Language and History make a perfect pairing.

Family Friendly German DVDs to Add to Your Homeschool Curriculum

I can't teach all subjects at the same level equally. I try very hard, but there are some subjects I just do not enjoy . . . er, Latin is one of them. That is why this year, my oldest daughter is taking her Latin class wholly through a DVD class. We are utilizing a DVD in our Latin curriculum this year and my daughter couldn't be happier and she now loves Latin again.

I was excited to add some DVDs, designed especially for children, to our curriculum this week to supplement our Omnibus lessons. My girls are getting an introduction to culture, customs, language, different situations and different times. I told them to watch these DVDs and use the intuitive approach as a method of interpretation.

Family Friendly German DVDs to Add to Your Homeschool Curriculum

The Kidflix MYSTERY IN GERMANY DVDS are timeless and tied to specific situations. Even through the DVDs are in German, they are not bound to one particular culture and are completely relate-able to my American children. The DVDs were relevant to both an adult and child audience.

Kidflix Global newest Feature Presentation Package—MYSTERY IN GERMANY is a 3-DVD set of popular German movies for children ages 6 and up. There is plenty of girl power in the films Stella and the Star of the Orient, The Blind Flyers and Emil and the Detectives. The girl aspect made the movies even more enjoyable to my daughters, even though they were in German and subtitled. I felt the subtitles encouraged more interaction from my children whilst viewing these DVDs.

The Blind Flyers

Family Friendly German DVDs to Add to Your Homeschool Curriculum

The Blind Flyers is a wonderful, heartfelt film featuring two musically gifted teenagers, Inga and Marie, from a school for the blind. These young women work together to help Herbert, a runaway, return to his mother and his country, Khazakistan. While trying to earn money playing music on the streets, the trio encounters the rough edges of the sighted-world.  In the end, romance blooms in The Blind Flyers when Marie, Inga, and Herbert create a band so they can enter a televised music video contest.

This was my daughters favorite movie of the three Kidflix Global DVDs that we received to review. For obvious reasons, both of my daughters are young violinists and the musical aspect of this movie touched their hearts. They have a love for music and their violins and any DVD that can help foster their love for sharing music is a win in my book. They didn't even realize how much learning they were fostering in their brains. Language. Music. Culture. Customs.  As well as a myriad of other feelings that are important lessons for tweens to learn!

Stella and the Star of the Orient

Family Friendly German DVDs to Add to Your Homeschool Curriculum

In Stella and the Star of the Orient, ten-year-old Stella rummages around in her grandmother’s attic. She steps into an antique wardrobe not knowing that the wardrobe is a time machine. Stella travels back 100 years in time. There she meets her own great-grandmother, Clementine, and Gus, Clementine’s younger brother.  They introduce Stella as a school friend. Stella is amazed at how women are treated in this century. Stella’s forthright manner and modern slang almost gives away her secret to the grown-ups. Her assertive nature and courage helps her bond together with Clementine and Gus and together they embark on a treasure hunt which solves a family mystery.

Emil and the Detectives

Family Friendly German DVDs to Add to Your Homeschool Curriculum
In the film, Emil And The Detectives, twelve-year-old Emil comes to Berlin to spend the holidays with friends. On the train to Berlin, his money is stolen. When Emil arrives in Berlin he has no money and misses his ride because he follows the thief. Emil meets a new friend, Pony. Along with Pony and her street-wise friends, Emil vows to catch the thief and deliver him to the police.

In addition to the amazing DVDs available from Kidflix Global, they also currently have Study Guides available for six of their titles. The Study Guides are included in their institutional pricing for Elementary, Middle and High Schools, Colleges/Universities, and Libraries.

Family Friendly German DVDs to Add to Your Homeschool Curriculum

Disclosure:  As always, the opinions expressed are mine. We are compensated for our reviews. Click here for details. All images courtesy of Kidflix Global and used with permission.