HEAVEN for Kids Curriculum + Heaven Stick book

Heaven for Kids, by Randy Alcorn

Teaching my children now about the New Earth, before they develop negative or untrue, ideas about Heaven, is quite important to my husband and I.  We want our children to be excited about meeting Jesus and God and not to have fears or doubts. The book raises all of the questions that kids ask about heaven and answers them with illustrations they can understand.

This book should be a part of every curriculum for children in my opinion. The truths it teaches are timeless and necessary to combat the lies about Heaven and the New Earth that too many Christians start believing when they are young children.

We have been studying Heaven and my daughter has been keeping a little journal called a Heaven stick book.  Each week, she answers questions related to the chapters we read together.  She is learning about a very special place that God is making.

Where relevant, I am including pages from Randy Alcorn’s book, Heaven for Kids, for you to reference if you need to.

HEAVEN for Kids Curriculum + Heaven Stick book

Questions for week 1:

page 1 Questions I have about Heaven:

page 2 Sometimes, I am afraid to die because:

page 3 Other times, I am not afraid to die because:

Questions for week 2: (1-5 sentence answers)

page 4             What is the present Heaven? (pp. 36-38)

page 5             What is the future Heaven?  (pp. 36-38)

page 6             Things I hope to ask Jesus:

page 7             When I see Jesus face to face, I think I will feel like this:

HEAVEN Book Cover

Decorate the cover of your book.  Use Rev. 21:1-22:21 as a reference and color a picture of the New Earth.  Use your imagination and make it as beautiful as you can.  Include a title for your book.  It can be as simple as “Heaven.”

Please use your neatest penmanship and write 1-5 sentences for each answer.  Where relevant, pages from Randy Alcorn’s book, Heaven for Kids, are included for reference.

Questions for week 3: (1-5 sentence answers)

page 8             What I am most looking forward to about Heaven:

page 9             Who will be in Heaven?  (Use your knowledge of the beings in heaven as well as the Book of Life, etc.

page 10           How do you get to go to Heaven?  (pp. 179-184)

page 11           The part of the New Earth that seems most awesome to me is: (Use Rev. 21:1-22:21)

Name Write your name on the back of your book