Homeschool Workboxes

Looking for ways to organize your homeschool days and year? The Homeschool workbox system is a fabulous way to organize and plan your homeschool day to make your children’s days run smoother. Workboxes are quite literally, working boxes.

Homeschool Workboxes

Simply place the day's assignments and books  for each child in one of the colored (and labeled) drawers either the night before or the week before. Le your kiddo work through their drawers at their own pace. Once a drawer is completed, the child will simply work their way down to the next colored and labeled drawer.

This workbox system works really well for my little family because it offers my kiddos some independence. These boxes also provide a great sense of accomplishment for my kids too and helps our homeschool days run smoother.

I have some wonderful Homeschool Workbox Station FREE Printables that I created for each colored drawer in the Workbox Sations. Just head over HERE to my FREE Homeschool Printables and you can create your own drawer tag names as well as print out the ready made homeschool workbox station drawer printables.


WORK BOX TAGS FREE PRINTABLE #homeschool #workbox
WORK BOX TAGS FREE PRINTABLE #homeschool #workbox

I really do like the workbox system!

These boxes help our days run more smoothly. The work boxes help keep the kids on task AND keep me organized! Each of my children has their own way of organizing and I respect how they work. I can't tell them what is best for their little brains, but I do try to keep them organized. 

I am constantly moving things around in our school room here at home. Moving in a book case, moving out a book case. Changing things up a bit to try to do it better. The children's needs are forever changing and I have to keep up with the changes. I try everything to attempt to navigate the days and have the days run much more smooth.


The first year I homeschooled, it was just myself and my daughter. She and I worked at a small table together and I had all her work stacked up on a book shelf. This worked for a short time, but was not something we could continue long term. The following school year, I went from one homeschool student to three homeschool students. I needed to transition from a small table to desks and something that would work.

One thing that helped me transition from one student to three students was work boxes. The idea was created by Sue Patrick's Workbox System. She even wrote a book about workboxes. I don't follow her theory fully, but I do follow the idea of workboxes. The basic concept is to divide up the children's daily work into different boxes with the child moving from box to box, completing each box before moving on to the next.


I purchased wire racks with plastic containers for each of the children. The plastic containers are labeled with a small label that states what each subject is inside the container. I can see how far they have progressed by how far they are down the workbox station.


Now, three years later, the workboxes are still helping us out. I am constantly moving the workbox station around. My son decided this year he didn't need or want the workbox station, so he gave me his and I utilize it for school supplies.

The workbox works best for my youngest daughter as she is homeschooled full time with me.


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