Ivy Kids | Monthly Activity Kits for Kids

Disclose: Cross-posted on 5 Minutes For Mom. I share my views on Ivy Kids kits in this sponsored post. I was not compensated, but did receive a package for review purposes. My opinions are my own. 

Do you want your children to have fun this summer, but not lose reading skills they’ve attained during the school year? Well, I just received fun packages for my youngest and she couldn’t be more excited.

The packages were from Ivy Kids. Ivy Kids is a fantastic resource that delivers monthly educational boxes right to your doorstep that are filled with games, projects and activities centered around a book and theme all geared towards children from age 3-8.

I adore getting packages.  And I love surprises.  And so does my daughter! Ivy Kids is the absolute best of both worlds! You will LOVE Ivy Kids kits! When we opened our July Ivy Kids kit this is what we found. This box had it all!

Ivy Kids | Monthly Activity Kits for Kids

Ivy Kids Literature Based Activity Kits

  • A classic children’s book
  • 10 activities related to the book of the month such as:
    • Bookmark reading guide
    • Materials to retell the story
    • A science booklet
    • Science experiment
    • Art projects
    • Math Manipulatives
    • Board games
    • Fine motor exercises
    • Literacy activities
  • A personalized item for my child

My daughter loved her July kit! She loved the personalized box AND door hanger and promptly hung it on the door to her room. Then she got right to work on some of the activities. I love that not one single detail was left out. These pre-planned educational boxes have everything. The games were well thought out and fun, the activities were engaging and the projects were very creative. My daughter was having so much fun, she didn’t even realize she was learning and certainly not home educating. I loved how Ivy Kids sparked her creativity!

Ivy Kids | Monthly Activity Kits for Kids

Summer Reading Program

If you are looking for a reading program to continue your reading efforts throughout the summer months Ivy Kids kits can help. Ivy Kid‘s fun games make reading an enjoyable activity–especially on hot afternoons, when a little rest and air conditioning are in order . . . or first thing in the morning before summer activities and camps begin. Each activity and project is meticulously packaged and includes a detailed instructional guide with questions to scaffold learning. Everything you need is included in the monthly kit.

Ivy Kids | Monthly Activity Kits for Kids

Summer is great fun–and so is Ivy Kids! I am a home educating mom and am as excited about Ivy Kids kits as my daughter. These kits are perfect for the summer months to prevent summer brain drain, encourage reading AND are a perfect compliment to our current classical curriculum . . . because we still school in the summer months part time. Sometimes I run out of creativity myself and Ivy Kids has taken over for me. I simply open our monthly kit and everything is right there for my daughter and I to engage in an educational activity.

What Is Ivy Kids?

Ivy Kids is an easy to use subscription box program that features ten fun, reading games, activities and projects which teach children from 3 to 8 years old to not only read well, but to enjoy it too. Created by Taseea Lainas, a certified early childhood teacher and mother of two; Ivy Kids incorporates the skills of reading and encourages problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking. I love that Ivy Kids has done all the research for me to find versatile activites that I didn’t have to locate on my own. Ivy Kids kits develop fine and gross motor muscles, build math and literacy skills, encourage reading comprehension, and promote scientific thinking – into one package that children actually love.

Ivy Kids is the perfect way for kids to learn and become better readers. I can’t wait to start our August kit!

Ivy Kids | Monthly Activity Kits for Kids

Ivy Kids Uses

Ivy Kids can be used to

  • Build math, literacy, and fine motor skills
  • Develop problem solving strategies
  • Engage in critical thinking
  • Improve reading comprehension
  • Help struggling readers
  • Help children with reading and learning disabilities
  • Utilize creativity and imagination
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Build vocabulary
  • Offset summer brain drain!
Ivy Kids | Monthly Activity Kits for Kids

Get Started Today to Prevent Summer Brain Drain at Your House

Getting started is easy. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection, and you can select a subscription plan and subscribe. Gain access to countless tips, tools, and lessons that help children become the best readers they can be as they also discover how enjoyable reading, especially summer reading, can be!

If you haven’t tried Ivy Kids kits yet, now is the time!  Every product in each monthly subscription box has been recommended, reviewed and developed by the Ivy Kids early childhood teachers. Busy parents now have a resource to spend quality time with their little ones engaging in creative activities that will build important foundational skills in math, literacy, and science.

I love Ivy Kids and know you’ll love them too!