Omnibus Mega Pack Curriculum Mystery Of History

Homeschool History Curriculum for the Elementary Students:  Do you need a homeschool history curriculum that will keep your elementary students engaged and excited to learn? There are a ton of options for choosing a homeschool history curriculum for elementary students, but my favorite after a decade of home educating is definable Mystery of History. 

Omnibus Mega Pack Curriculum Mystery Of History Volume 1
Omnibus Mega Pack Curriculum Mystery Of History Volume 1

So, what exactly IS the Omnibus Mega Pack Curriculum for Mystery of History Volume 1 primarily for elementary students in grades 3-6?

The Omnibus Mega Pack Curriculum Mystery Of History Volume 1 is a FULL YEAR curriculum to use along side the Mystery of History Volume 1 textbook. Omnibus Mega Pack Curriculum includes everything you need for each lesson including FULL 5-DAY Syllabus and Assignment Schedule, Lesson Worksheets, internet links, reading literature assignments, mapwork, FOR FUN activities and memory for each week's lessons. There are 34 weeks of lesson plans, plus a quizzes and tests (and the answers) and comprehension worksheets. 

What Age Group is this curriculum? 

This Omnibus curriculum is intended for elementary students: Grades: 3-6, but can be used for students as young as Kindergarten or as old as students in grade 7. If you have younger students, you can use them as a read aloud, then selectively use the curriculum worksheets, quizzes and tests. There are 35 weeks of lesson plans included in this Mega Pack!

What is  Omnibus?  

Omnibus is a Latin term meaning all encompassing. Teaching History Omnibus, {eg: Social Studies} to Elementary students is probably one of my favorite subjects to teach. Teaching Omnibus is the classical Christian educational approach by teaching history, theology, and literature together.  This curriculum utilizes the Mystery of History Volume 1 textbook. In order to utilize this curriculum, you will need to purchase the MOH Vol 1 textbook. 

Omnibus Mega Pack Mystery Of History Volume 1 Curriculum

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This Omnibus curriculum is arranged by weeks. Each week is detailed by day, Monday through Friday, and assignments are assigned Monday through Friday. MOH details summary of events to introduce the time period; lessons progress chronologically with each week having two to three lessons, a quiz, review, memory, geography and an exercise or project. There will be geography practice and quizzes as well as a timeline to complete and memorize. The book has 108 lessons and will take a full school year to complete if you follow a traditional 36 week school year. (This curriculum does not cover every single lesson)

The Lessons are partitioned by grade (Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grace 5 and Grade 6). The daily lesson plans reinforce the material read in the MOH lessons in the textbook through lesson worksheets, weekly quizzes, four tests, daily memory practice, weekly activities and FUN projects that engage all learning styles. These projects and activities are based on the classical grammar/logic/rhetoric stages and are Christian based. Please keep in mind this may be considered a rigorous curriculum for some students. As the teacher, parents can select and choose what they want to give their students/children. 

In order to teach Omnibus effectively, I suggest supplementals in your classroom as well. I have a couple of globes in our classroom and have various maps all over the classroom too. In addition, I recommend the following books in your homeschool library for this curriculum.

  • The Mystery of History Vol I by Linda Lacour Hobar
  • The Student Bible Atlas by Tim Dowley
  • Map Trek The Complete Collection by Terri Johnson
  • Pages of History, Vol. I by Etter and Detweiler (needed for Grade 5)

The following are needed for Grade 6:

  • Adam and His Kin, by Ruth Beechick
  • God King, by Joanne Williamson
  • The Boy’s and Girl’s Herodotus, by John S. White
  • Plutarch’s Lives, edited by Arthur Hugh Clough
POH Example

Students should keep one 3-ring binder to organize their map work, weekly worksheets, projects, tests, quizzes, timeline and class notes. I have written an entire post on how to organize the 3-ring Omnibus binder for your students. 

Homework Assignments: Homework assignments are broken down by day of the week in the schedule. However, students may complete assignments according to their own schedule. For reading assignments, students may read the texts independently or they can be used as a read aloud with a parent or sibling if that is more helpful. I read to my children every single day from the MOH textbook.

I also read all the assigned Literature reading books to my children until Grade 6. In Grade 6, I read approximately 50% of the books. Sometimes you can find the books online for free to listen in the audio version. If I could find the audio version of any of the Literature books, I always had my children listen to these. 

  • Memory Chant: Each day, students will recite the chronology of events studied to date.
  • Mystery of History: Each week will include reading 2-3 lessons.
Worksheet Sample
Worksheet Sample
Worksheet Sample
Worksheet Sample

Weekly worksheets: Each week there will be a worksheet of questions to answer from Mystery of History and review questions. I suggest answering the worksheet questions in full sentences. This requirements really aides the child in fully answering the question and in writing skills and grammar skills. Simply restate the question in the answer form and answer the question. 

Quiz Sample

Quizzes: There will be a quiz every week covering the previous week's lessons. 

  • Timeline Binder: Students will create their own timeline card for each of the MOH topics covered with blank pages. Each page will have a blank template with lines for students to describe “Who, What, When, Where, and When” from the week’s lesson.
  • Map work: There will be map work almost every week of the school year. Students will practice their map work online. Students also have printout maps throughout the year, these are optional.
  • Tests: There will be 4 tests throughout the year. Only recently covered information will be covered on tests.
  • Memory Work: Students will learn a memory chant for the chronology of events.

What’s included?

  • Syllabus
  • Assignment Schedule
  • 34 Weekly Lesson Worksheets
  • 34 Weekly Quizzes + Answers
  • 4 Tests + Answers
  • Adam and His Kin Weekly Comprehensions Questions + Answers
  • Pages of History, Vol. I  Weekly Comprehensions Questions + Answers
  • God King Weekly Comprehensions Questions + Answers
  • Herodotus Weekly Comprehensions Questions + Answers
  • Plutarch’s Lives Weekly Comprehensions Questions + Answers
  • Geography Memory Assingments
  • Geography Log
  • Timeline Template (2 versions)
  • Timeline Memory
  • Lesson 1 - 108 Supplemental Video List

Omnibus Mega Pack Volume I - Personal Use  

This item is for personal use only. You may use it for your own children as needed. If you are using the curriculum in a multiple-family co-op group or a school class, you will need to purchase the Classroom version of the curriculum.

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(This Co-Op / Classroom License is to be used if you are sharing the curriculum in a class or homeschool consortium/co-op. This version allows for printing of materials for multiple students as well as teachers in a homeschool consortium classroom. If you have multiple children that are your own, there is NOT a need to purchase the classroom version.)


Please NOTE:This curriculum is a digital download product ONLY. You will NOT receive a printed curriculum via snail mail.

Omnibus Mega Pack Curriculum Mystery Of History Volume 1