The Butterfly Life Cycle

The Butterfly Life Cycle

Homeschooling the Butterfly Life Cycle from Caterpillar to butterfly. We've been studying the life cycle of the butterfly during Science this past month.

There are many different ways that you and your children can catch this miracle happen right before your eyes. There are live butterfly kits that come with caterpillars so you and your children can see this amazing transformation! We ordered a wonderful butterfly kit and have been watching the life cycle for the past month.

These live butterfly kits are amazing for our science project and simply for the children to learn all about the ever-changing caterpillar and the butterfly life cycle in general.  One of the greatest things about these live butterfly kits is the fact that after the butterflies hatch out of their pupas, we get to observe them for a little while and then let them go!  We're going to let them go on Friday!

Letting our butterflies go going to be a satisfying experience, but it is also a wonderful teaching lesson.  My children are learning that animals do not need to be locked up and while it is okay to observe them for awhile, it is always best to let nature take its course.