What’s New In Your Summer Curriculum? 2015 Summer Curriculum

Every summer I still school my children . . . I know . . . I am the worst parent on the planet! We school part-time, meaning we school for about an hour three days a week. We cover the basics during the summer. Math and Literature. I also throw in whatever we may not have finished up during our regular school year OR whatever the kids may need a bit of extra attention with.

This past school year, we didn't really focus on Spelling, but only because it is not an area that my children do not already excel in. However, this summer we are going to focus on Spelling to keep the girls completely on course and aide them in their continued success with Spelling.

My son attended a private school this year and I don't feel their curriculum was on par with what we were completing at home. His grades have progressively slide down the ladder from first trimester to third trimester. He will be working on Algebraand Literature with me as well. I have completed an AP Literature curriculum just for him. He will be reading quite a bit for me this summer and writing a lot more. He only wrote two papers this entire year for his teachers. I can not even fathom this as I was having him write 2-5 papers a week for me - in sixth grade! He is not happy with me, but I told him he either accepts this deal with me or he will not be returning to this private school in the fall. I even made him sign a contract!

Here is my 2013-2014 home school curriculum,  2012-2013 school curriculum and 2011-2012 school curriculum posts. 

Math: Saxon Math (Level 5/4 and 6/5 and 1/2 Algebra)
Does it work? Yes
Will I continue to use it for summer? Yes.

We are heavy on Math in this house! I refuse to allow my children to fall behind in this subject.  We did not get through our books this year, so we will be finishing up on Saxon Math levels for the girls. My son will be working on Algebra 1/2. He actually finished this book two years ago, but we are going back and revisiting concepts that I don't feel he did well on this year in Algebra.

Spelling: The Grammar of Spelling
Does it work? We will see
Will I continue to use it?  Unsure

This is new curriculum for the summer. I had used Spelling Power in the past and it just didn't work for us. My youngest daughter is a great speller and my oldest daughter is an average speller.I have Grade 4 and Grade 5 for the girls and so far they really like it.

Handwriting/Penmanship: Classically Cursive
Does it work? Yes
Will I continue to use it?  Yes

My daughters have wonderful fine motor skills, but is a bit off.  I think they struggle more with where to place their paper in relation to their writing utensil. My 3rd grader will work with Book IV The Attributes of God and my 5th grader will work on Book III Shorter Catechism. 

Literature/Composition: Various Books with Comprehension Guides
Does it work? YES
Will I continue to use it?  Yes

Grade 3 & Grade 5:  Dangerous Journey From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler and Misty of Chincoteague

Grade 7th: Uncle Tom's Cabin, A Tale of Two Cities and Moby Dick

Field Trips/Extra Activities: Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois, State Fairs

We have many, many field trips since we live in a great city with numerous museums. Field Trip days will always be the favorite. My son is going to Tennessee with his father for a week while I am away at sleep-away camp with the girls. They have numerous activities planned whilst there.