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Crossed At first I took photos of my fingers crossed, but decided that a little girls fingers are much cuter than my wrinkles old hands!A Glimpse Can you guess what we have been doing these past couple of weeks with these lemons?Handwritten Homeschooling with friends . . . Bliss I never tire of this sight . . . I love living in Chicago . . . every time I drive down the expressway and catch the first sight of The Sears Tower (and The Hancock), my breathe stops for a moment, each and every time. The taxes are literally killing me . . . but this view gets me every time.Gray We had a bit of a snowstorm on Thursday evening . . . big, fat, fluffy flakes of snow were flurring about landing the the most beautiful clumps. This is what I see if I look out my front door. The blanket of snow on Friday morning was peaceful and undisturbed by anything yet. I walked outside with my camera and went trudging up and down my street taking photos.