7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Here are my 7th Grade Home School Curriculum picks. Homeschooling 7th grade students and preparing your home schooled child for the remainder of middle school whilst developing the skills needed for high school dosen’t need to be hard.

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This year my daughter began the school year, her second year at a private christian school, in 7th grade, at a formal school outside of our home school. She attended this school for the full year in 6th grade and it was her first year outside our home for education. She had an amazing teacher and her entire experience there, as well as mine, was very positive.

She began the school year with all her new friends in different classes. She barely had any of her pals from 6th grade in any of her classes and only saw her close friends at gym or lunch. The girls who were not willing to become friends with her in 6th grade, were even worse in 7th grade. What is that all about? Mean girls turn into even meaner girls from 6th grade to 7th grade? It was bizarre. These girls literally refused to even speak to my duaghter, ignored that she even existed and wouldn’t break from their little clicky groups. Whoever these moms are really need to teach their daughters to open up to friendships!!

Needless to say, my daughter was lonely. She made friends with her locker partner, but I didn’t think this girl was a positive influence on my daughter. She was not a chrisitian and my daughter began acting in ways that she had not before. Sassy, very rude to her sister and her entire demeanor changed, and not for the better. My sweet (and I mean super sweet) girl was gone and I was so sad. I had several discussion with her that if this rude, disrespectful behaivior continued, that I would pull her out of this private school. At the end of the semester, I pulled her out as her behavior didn’t improve.

Frankly, I wasn’t impressed with the school’s curriculum either. Pushing papers to fill out is not teaching. She didn’t read a single book and only wanted to be at school to see her friends. I can teach better than what she was getting and I didn’t like the negative influence on my daughter. So, if you think you can’t pull your child out of school mid-year — think again. Just do it! I did and it was a smooth transition.

I did not want to switch up her entire curriculum mid-year though. So, I simply purchased the teacher’s manuals and curriculum for all the subjects she was already completing. Except for Math. The christian school was TWO years behind her/us when I enrolled her in 6th grade and I immediately moved her right up to Algebra I. One of the most important decisions is curriculum, but I didn’t want to NOT finish the books/subjects she was used to. I didn’t hate the curriculum, but I didn’t love it either.

Here is the curriculum we used for finishing up Grade 7 at home after pulling my daughter out of school mid-year.

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Every August I write a post about our plans for the coming school year here at home. I plan out what curriculum we will use for the coming school year. I do have some help from our fabulous consortium. Here are my 2019 homeschool curriculum , 2017-2018 homeschool curriculum, 2016-2017 homeschool curriculum, 2015-2016 homeschool curriculum, 2014-2015 home school curriculum,  2013-2014 home school curriculum,  2012-2013 school curriculum and 2011-2012 school curriculum posts.  SEVEN FULL years of home educating my kiddos! I can't believe it! WOW! I can't believe I am heading into my 8th year of home educating! 



Math : Grade 7: Harold Jacobs Algebra
Does it work? yes
Will I continue to use? done with Algebra!!

We have used Saxon Math for so long, and I used Harold Jacobs Algebra for my son and my oldest Harold Jacobs Algebra and now my youngest will also be using this curriculum. Since her private school was TWO years behind where she was when she began school, there (and no there was not an option for 6th graders to move to middle school or high school math, the school would not aloow that at all), she repeated 6th grade math at her school — which she had completed in 4th grade. It was ridiculous. This year, she was taking 7th grade math that she had already completed in 5th grade. So, I immediately moved her to Algebra I as soon as we made the decision to homeschool her in 2019.

Grammar: Grade 7: Abeka Grammar & Composition I + Abeka Quizzes & Tests Booklet
Does it work? yes
Will I continue to use? no, I’m not a fan of Abeka

For years, our grammar curriculum was Shurley English, but my kids were just DONE with this grammar curriculum We also have used Growing with Grammar, which works, but my kids don’t love it either. Since the school was already using this curriculum and the year was half over, we were sticking with Abeka.

My daughter was already using Abeka Grammar & Composition I at her formal middle school, and I had already paid for the textbook and workbook in the tuition cost, so I didn’t want to have to invest time and money in locating another curriculum. NOR did I want to switch curriculum mid year for year another subject. My daughter didn’t complain about the Abeka Grammar & Composition I curriculum, so we are utilizing this curriculum for 7th grade grammar and composition. I also purchased the Abeka Grammar & Composition I Quizzes & Tests Booklet.

Spelling/Vocabluary: Grade 7: Abeka Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry I + Abeka Quizzes & Tests Booklet
Does it work? yes
Will I continue to use it?  no

My daughter’s school was using the Abeka Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry I, so we were continuing it as well. I purchase the Abeka Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry I to go along with the Abeka Grammar & Composition I . I also ordered the Abeka Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry I Quizzes & Test Booklet.

IN ADDITION: I did order the TEACHER’S MANUAL —> Grade 7 Homeschool English Curriculum Lesson Plans, since I had not used this curriculum prior and didn’t have any experience with it. The Curriculum Lesson Plan book was very well laid out by day. I didn’t do all the work laid out as it was redundant and a lot fo was stuff we had covered years ago and simply busy work.

English/Literature/Composition: made up my own
Does it work? YES
Will I continue to use it?  yes

This Explorations of Literature Grade 7 Homeschool Grade 7 textbook is what the formal school my daughter attended the first semster was using. I didn’t like it and decided to not use it and make up my own curriculum.

Omnibus/History:  BJU Press Cultural Geography Student Text and the BJU Press Geography Student Activity Manual I did purchase the BJU Press Geography Teacher's Edition and the BJU Press Geography Tests
Does it work? yes
Will I continue to use it?  yes

We simply used this BJU Press Geography curriculum to finish History for the remainder of 7th grade. My daughter didn’t enjoy Geography, but I dont’ know any child that really does. LOL. It works, it’s boring, the curriculum is laid out well and very informative. Again, the tests are straightforwar and not tricky.

Science: Grade 7: BJU Life Science Grade 7 Student Text  and the BJU Press Life Science Grade 7 Student Activity Lab Manual I did purchase the BJU Life Science Grade 7 Teacher's Manual Set and the BJU Life Science Tests
Does it work? YES
Will I continue to use it?  While, it’s not my favorite Science curriculum, I did like BJU Life Science. The text explained topics well and the tests were straightforward and not tricky like some tests. I followed the BJU PRess schedule for the remainder of the year and it worked well for my daughter.

Biblical Studies/Religion/Memory: Curriculum is christian based

Art & Music:  Violin, Private Lessons, Chamber Orchestra and Youth Orchestra, Private Art lessons
Does it work? Yes
Will I continue to use? Yes

Field Trips/Extra Activities:

We have many field trips since we live in a great city with numerous museums that we are members. Field Trip day will always and forever be a favorite. Field trips will be easier this year as I do not have to pick up my son from school everyday.

Here’s a post on our workboxes and how we use them in our homeschool classroom! I also have some printable workbox tags.

I really hope this helps in planning your homeschool curriculum for 8th grade homeschooled students! Make sure to check out my other homeschool grade curriculum picks.