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Finding Our Way on the Path

So I have spoken before about this wonderful forest preserve that is near my home. Literally just a few hops away. Last Saturday I told the kiddos if they cleaned up all their messes that were about the house, I would take them over to the forest preserve for 'a really long time'.

Let's just say I didn't see anything but bottoms scurrying away to put their belongings in the correct places. {Note to self: do this more often} Little did my children know but I really had my own agenda for this particular day. I wanted some fabulous photos with a lovely spring backdrop.

We all had a fabulous afternoon exploring further in the forest than we had ever been. It really was a great afternoon. So much so that we returned home to bring dad back to capture some family photos. I carries my tripod all the way back there again just for more photos.

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Recreation For My Kids

As a young girl I enjoyed sledding and snowmobiling. My brothers and I couldn’t wait for the snow and cold weather so we could get out the sled and head for the golf course. I don't enjoy winter these days,  but I still have those pleasant memories of fun in the snow as a child.

The January and February weather usually keeps us in the house with little opportunity to get outdoors. Since we can’t escape the snow and ice in Chicago, we try to enjoy some winter sports. We are fortunate enough to have a forest preserve literally across the street from our neighborhood. What most people don't know is that this same forest preserve that provides great summer fun for picnics and bike rides also offers great winter fun for my kids. 

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